Why Join the
City Island
Chamber of Commerce (CICC)


The CICC unites the voices of City Island businesses, advocating for their needs and concerns to elected officials, particularly about state and local legislation.

Social Media

Member businesses are part of CICC posts on Instagram and Facebook. Reach in the past 90 days exceeds 12K.

Email Updates

The CICC will provide member businesses with regular email updates on news and opportunities, including for grants and other available funding.


Members get discounts on Craft Fair Booths and Dinner/Dance Journal Ads.

Website Presence

Every member business will be part of a “Behind the Business” profile on the CICC website, as well as included in the Member Directory. News about member businesses, along with member business Events will also be featured on the CICC website, which utilizes SEO techniques, keywords, and photos to boost search engine rank.


CICC will advertise member businesses on social media, at no additional cost.


The CICC can direct customers / clients to your business based on inquiries received, as well as facilitate business to business referrals and networking.

Other Membership Benefits

The CICC will organize in-person seminars and online webinars on topics to benefit member businesses. The CICC acts as a liaison for media opportunities for member businesses, and will produce a walking map for those visiting City Island, which will include a listing for member businesses.

Membership Dues

Dues of $75 are for businesses with 4 or fewer employees.

Dues of $125 are for businesses and organizations with more than 4 employees.

Dues period runs from July 1 of this year to June 30 of the following year.

Need to Renew?