‘No Standing’ Zone Petition

Apr 2, 2024 | City Island News

The City Island Chamber of Commerce has published this petition to seek removal of all or most of the “No Standing” Zones at many of the side street intersections along City Island Avenue.

These were Installed, the Chamber was told, to increase visibility when entering the avenue from one of the side streets. This remedy seems not be effective in that regard, as it is still not possible to see oncoming traffic unless you slowly creep out of the side street when making that entry to City Island Avenue.

What the “No Standing” zones along City Island Avenue have accomplished is removing up to four parking spaces per block.  It was about the lack of parking on the avenue that residents approached the Chamber and its businesses, seeking relief from that situation as they park near their own residences or the homes of friends, or to visit our shops and restaurants.

The City Island Chamber of Commerce will forward the signatures it collects from this petition to the Department of Transportation to remedy this situation.

You may access and sign this petition at this link.

The petition is also available for signing at the City Island Chamber of Commerce’s office at Kaleidoscope Gallery (271 City Island Avenue).

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