Connections: The Black Whale and Freedomland

Feb 21, 2024 | City Island News, City Island Today

A recent Facebook post from Freedom U.S.A. – The World’s Largest Entertainment Center revealed a connection between The Black Whale on City Island and Freedomland, an American history theme park located in the Bronx (1960 to 1964):

“We never need an excuse to grab a bite on City Island. Make sure you place the Black Whale on your itinerary. In addition to great food and service, you can catch the comings and goings on the main drag through Freedomland windows. In the photo, the window on the right (behind the ship model) and the two corner windows on the left are from a Freedomland Little Old New York building. Evidence leads us to believe the panes came from the Kodak building. The old front door, now in the basement, also came from the same park building.”
More information on Freedomland may be found in a book released in January 2024, Freedomland U.S.A.: More Definitive History by Michael R. Virgintino.  In 2019, Virgintino released another book on Freedomland entitled, Freedomland U.S.A.: The Definitive History.
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