Rockin’ the Boat

Nov 2, 2023 | City Island News

CIOR’s Luna Placchi, Mike Carew (also Captain Mike’s Diving), and Sally Connolly

This is a blog post from City Island Chamber of Commerce member and consultant, Monica Yehle-Glick (M4 Consulting Services).  It illustrates the collaborative spirit on City Island, and is used with Monica’s permission.

Thinking back on this Thursday to a photo opportunity for a client’s social media that led to a deep dive into collaborative efforts connected to helping improve the waters around City Island in the Bronx, NY.

Mike Carew of Captain Mike’s Diving on City Island is vice chair of the Board of the City Island Oyster Reef (CIOR) initiative. A 10-year veteran of the NYPD`s Scuba team, Mike runs a five-star PADI Training Facility on City Island, and offers scuba diving instruction, scuba certification, and education on all related topics. At a City Island Chamber of Commerce (another client) membership meeting earlier in the morning of October 19, Mike mentioned that he would be going out with other CIOR leaders, as well as the producers of “A Little Green” Podcast to show CIOR’s work. I suggested I get a photo of him on the boat with them, and spotlight that on his social media.  Meeting all at the dock, I was welcomed to make the journey with them.

I took photos of the whole experience, uplifted by the initiative. You can learn more about what they’re doing at this link, including about how six City Island restaurants (Sea Shore, Sammy’s Fish Box, Sammy’s Shrimp Box, Seafood City, Johnny’s Reef, and Tony’s Pier, each a member of the City Island Chamber of Commerce) are involved in the project, saving their oyster and clam shells for collection, and also about the “living shoreline” learning area.

Producers of “A Little Green” podcast learn from CIOR’s Luna Placchi.

Mike Carew, of Captain Mike’s Diving on City Island, is vice chair of the CIOR Board.

Mike spoke from his unique knowledge of the sea. CIOR’s Sally Connolly (chair) and Luna Placchi offered insights into the initiative’s ongoing development and implementation, as well as about volunteer opportunities and events. The podcast producers captured those interviews, as well as the sounds of the sea, the shells, and more. I learned a lot, and even volunteered for the next shell collection date.

As we circumnavigated City Island ~ sometimes at rapid speed, the boat bouncing and rockin’ with the sea ~ I reflected that the afternoon had delivered more than just a photo.  It had offered an opportunity to learn and then share some special stories centered squarely on sending hope: for the seas specifically, and for the environment overall.

Me with CIOR’s Luna Placchi and Sally Connolly

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