City Island Oyster Reef / Education Coordinator

City Island Oyster Reef (CIOR) - City Island, NY

Job Description

City Island Oyster Reef (CIOR) is looking for a part-time position (possibly a graduate student majoring in marine biology/ecology sciences or related fields) for two years as the Education Coordinator to organize the educational programs at the City Island Living Shoreline. This position entails the scheduling of schools and other groups coming to the City Island Living Shoreline Education Field Station. It is expected that at least 5 schools a year will come to the Field Station. The Educational Coordinator will also receive training about oysters and other aspects of marine ecology, the CIOR monitoring of oyster cages and water quality protocols, and effective ways to instruct school children on these topics and then be able to conduct the instruction with school and community groups.

 Salary is $16,865 a year, $1,405 a month, and is based on an average of around 8 hours a week at $38 an hour. This position is funded by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s Long Island Sound’s Futures Fund.

City Island Oyster Reef (CIOR)

The City Island Oyster Reef (CIOR), a non-profit 501(c)(3) community-based organization, was formed in December 2019 to expand existing oyster reef restoration efforts in New York City by reestablishing oyster populations in the waters that surround City Island in the western end of Long Island Sound. To learn more visit our website.

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