Office Worker

Hailing Port Documentation - City Island

Job Description

We are looking for a person that can do part-time office work that entails the following:

1. answering phone calls.
2. Secretarial work filling out forms
3. filling files
4. Working with the Coast Guard on the phone.

The person will be given training as to how and what to do.

About Hailing Port Documentation

Since establishing Hailing Port 1977 Jane LaScala offers the knowledge and professional service needed to facilitate the closing on your boat. Working with the buyer, seller, broker, lender, and banks to gather essential information, we follow up on each detail to provide a marketable title for closing. We coordinate and expedite the necessary closing documents, handle the post-closing follow-ups and provide each party with the appropriate completed documents.
Staying informed of changing requirements and realizing new demands we expanded our documentation services to include state registration, titling, and lien perfection. We have developed guidelines for brokers, lenders, and office staff to ensure accurate paperwork.

We remain on the cutting edge through our affiliations with related marine services and marine trade associations and actively participate in the American Vessel Documentation Association and National Marine lenders Association

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