The New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) is in the process of installing bicycle racks across the Bronx. The City Island Chamber of Commerce wants to hear from local businesses like yours.

Did you see the new bicycle racks pop up over City Island and the East Bronx? The DOT is rolling out an effort to install 10,000 bike racks over two years. We’d like to hear from you and your business about the new bike racks. Do you have them in front of your business? Do you want them there? Send us your feedback so we can work as a liaison for you and the community.

The City Island Spring Arts and Crafts Fair

Crowds at the Arts and Crafts Fair on City Island

Photo: Rick DeWitt

This upcoming Spring Arts & Crafts Fair will be held on June 5th and June 6th – rain or shine. Take advantage of this opportunity to display your craftsmanship to a wide audience with live music, events, and the backdrop of City Island.