Post for Rediscovering New York with Jeff Goodman - E105: The Bronx's City Island

Did you hear? The ever-informative Rediscovering New York with Jeff Goodman recently ventured into the treasure of New York: City Island in the Bronx. This recent episode featured a couple of locals offering their own experiences and knowledge of the nautical community and its maritime past. Thanks to the folks at TalkRadio.NYC, you can listen to the episode here to learn about the rich history of City Island. Then plan a trip to check out all of the sights, tastes, and things to do on City Island. It has wonderful places to visit in New York.

If you find yourself with a question about City Island: contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

The City Island Spring Arts and Crafts Fair

Crowds at the Arts and Crafts Fair on City Island

Photo: Rick DeWitt

This upcoming Spring Arts & Crafts Fair will be held on June 5th and June 6th – rain or shine. Take advantage of this opportunity to display your craftsmanship to a wide audience with live music, events, and the backdrop of City Island.